A new generation web-based Hotel Management System that faces new-age hotel challenges head on, and does it all.

  • Maximize your revenue

  • Personalize your services

  • Standardize your processes


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Hotel Revenue Management, your wakeup call to profitability

Any hotelier knows that an unoccupied room is lost inventory. But does a fully-booked hotel ensure maximized revenue and RevPAR? That depends on room pricing. Bellboy’s comprehensive Hotel Management System is designed for independent hotels and hotel chains aimed at making a breakthrough in their yield management. Utilizing occupancy forecasts and real-time competitor pricing, Bellboy generates daily recommended rates per room type, and distributes them to the various sales channels for maximizing the hotel’s RevPAR.

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Personalization: The key to guest experience is in the smallest details

Imagine a guest settling into his hotel room, when he gets a phone call from room service offering him his favourite cocktail he had ordered during a previous stay, at a different hotel in the chain. Using Bellboy Property Management System, guest information is stored in a central database. Predictive Analytics is used to create the guest's WOW factor and increase hotel's revenue. Bellboy's unique algorithm calculates each guest 'value' based on past data, creating a virtual thumbprint for repeat guests – so hotels can target potentially high-yielding guests with special offers. Hotels can increase GOPPAR not only through room prices, but also by encouraging 'high value' guests to return, which will impact the Occupancy Rate as well.

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Standardization: the chain as one business unit

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle pointed out more than 2000 years ago that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, a true statement to this day. Bellboy Hotel Management System architecture uses one central database, rather than separate individual databases, enabling the effective management of an entire hotel chain as a single business unit, guided by a centralized policy and strategy.

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Hotel Business Intelligence: Data analysis at your fingertips to enhance business decisions

The Bellboy Hotel Business Intelligence (BI) module offers hoteliers powerful and intuitive reporting and analysis capabilities, enabling hotel managers to study and analyze business data and identify trends. This unique technology helps hoteliers to plan for the future, and make better business decisions.

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Intuitive. User-friendly

Bellboy's UI was designed by experts to provide hotel staff with a seamless user-experience. Staff can become proficient in Bellboy in only few hours.

We offer Bellboy

In several deployment options ranging from onsite installation to cloud-based operation. Purchase one time licenses or SaaS monthly payments.