Hotel Revenue Management, your wakeup call to profitability

Any hotelier knows that an unoccupied room is lost inventory. But does a fully-booked hotel ensure maximized revenue and RevPAR? That depends on room pricing. Bellboy’s built-in comprehensive Hotel Management System is designed for independent hotels and hotel chains aimed at making a breakthrough in their yield management. Utilizing occupancy forecasts and real-time competitor pricing, Bellboy generates daily recommended rates per room type, and distributes them to the various sales channels for maximizing the hotel’s RevPAR. A hotel room has become a commodity, and reserving a room is not very different than buying a book on Amazon: Internet users base their decision to book a room on price and on users’ reviews. While guests use the internet to compare prices, many hoteliers lag behind and using outdated pricing methods, and are not always aware of their competitors’ rates and other useful data. Moreover, many Property Management Systems (PMS) are not designed to integrate automatic pricing mechanisms.

Introducing Bellboy: a comprehensive Hotel Management System designed for independent hotels and chains aimed at making a breakthrough in their yield management by maximizing their RevPAR and GOPPAR

Utilizing real-time competitor pricing and a revolutionary technology for analysing and predicting the hotel’s Occupancy Rate, Bellboy's built-in Revenue Management module generates daily pricing recommendations for each room type. These recommended prices are based on multiple parameters including price sensitivity, reflecting competitors' prices. The final prices combine these recommendations with hotel policy parameters, and are distributed to online sales channels, travel agencies, and naturally within Bellboy. This new and powerful technology has a direct and positive impact on bottom line revenue and RevPAR.

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Personalization: The key to guest experience is in the smallest details

Imagine a guest settling into his hotel room, when he gets a phone call from room service offering him his favourite cocktail he had ordered during a previous stay, at a different hotel in the chain. Using Bellboy Property Management System, guest information is stored in a central database. Predictive Analytics is used to create the guest's WOW factor and increase hotel's revenue.

Bellboy's unique algorithm calculates each guest 'value' based on past data, creating a virtual thumbprint for repeat guests – so hotels can target potentially high-yielding guests with special offers. Hotels can increase GOPPAR not only through room prices, but also by encouraging 'high value' guests to return, which will impact the Occupancy Rate as well.

As a recent research shows: "Hotel brands must be 3D meaning personalized, local and global at the same time in order to build both trust and lasting relationships with guests and to win in a highly competitive global market." (Richard Solomons, CEO, IHG). Bellboy is here to give hoteliers just that: an emerging technology that utilizes all guest data to capture, analyse and act on that data and turn all the information into an improved guest experience which can WOW the guest and increase Revenue Management simultaneously. Bellboy retains all the information about all guests in the chain, including preferences and any purchases made during their stay. This include keeping and applying guests past preferences, analysing and tracking all items purchased within all hotel sale points and using Predictive Analytics to build a guest profile so to offer relevant and personalized experiences, services and products to hotel guests. Returning guests with potentially high value may enjoy special discounts or VIP treatment. Soon enough, word gets out through the social networks, and your chain has and increases Occupancy Rate and more business than ever!

Standardization: The chain as one business unit

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle pointed out more than 2000 years ago that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, a true statement to this day. Bellboy Hotel Management System architecture uses one central database, rather than separate individual databases, enabling the effective management of an entire hotel chain as a single business unit, guided by a centralized policy and strategy. Designed for hotel chains, the Bellboy Hotel Management System architecture provides an easy platform for managing a multi-property chain as a single business unit, guided by centralized policy and strategy. Bellboy uses one comprehensive centralized database containing data from all the hotels in the chain.

An example of this benefit is the Central Reservation Office(CRO) that provides the ability to display on a single screen the room price and the availability, in each of the hotels of the chain, and to reserve a room in a selected hotel. In addition, the system provides tools for a chain headquarters to manage and revise chain policies, as well as to display comparisons of performance results between several hotels or among similar groups of hotels within the chain.

Hotel Business Intelligence: Data analysis at your fingertips to enhance business decisions

The Bellboy Hotel Business Intelligence (BI) module offers hoteliers powerful and intuitive reporting and analysis capabilities, enabling hotel managers to study and analyze business data and identify trends. This unique technology helps hoteliers to plan for the future, and make better business decisions. Integrated fully into the Bellboy Property Management System (PMS), the Hotel Business Intelligence module provides managers with real-time insight into the status of the hotel’s performance, helping to plan for the future and increase profitability. Analyze your hotel’s performance as part of your ongoing operations, without the need to export data to external systems. This robust tool furthermore enables easy tracking of all hotels' operational targets, by displaying user-friendly dashboards that present actual performance versus targets of Occupancy Rate, RevPar, ADR and total revenue.

Analyze your hotel’s performance as part of your ongoing operations, without the need to export data to external systems. This robust tool furthermore enables easy tracking of all hotels' operational targets, by displaying user-friendly dashboards that present actual performance versus targets of Occupancy Rate, RevPar, ADR and total revenue.
The BI module provides the ability to compare different months, years or seasons, and also to detect anomalies.

On the cloud or on your private server

Using Bellboy’s comprehensive and robust web-based enterprise software, hotels can choose to operate Bellboy from the cloud, and benefit from multiple advantages such as minimizing capital costs, and saving time on software upgrades and on deployment.
Hotels that are not set up for the cloud can alternatively have Bellboy installed on their own server, while the option of moving to the cloud is available at any time.
Bellboy's technology provides access to the software from a variety of platforms, as well as seamless connectivity to any third-party systems and devices.

Mobile app for enhancing guest experience

Once they have booked a room, guests can use the Bellboy cellular app to perform many functions on their smartphone, and start enjoying their vacation even before they arrive. An additional benefit is that the hotel can send push notifications to guests through the app.

The mobile app provides an easy-to-use interface for hotel staff to manage content, add offered services and upload images, providing guests with an attractive interface for performing actions such as:

  • Updating preferences & reservation details

  • Receiving notifications about hotel activities, maps and weather updates

  • Receiving Facebook notifications regarding impressions from friends who stayed at that hotel

  • Link to Google street view, dictionary and currency converter, travel tips

  • Reserving tickets for events, restaurants and spa treatments

  • Ordering room service, housekeeping, concierge services or wake-up calls

  • Checking in, reviewing the account statement, paying and checking out

Comprehensive and easy to use

Bellboy is a comprehensive Hotel Management Software which provides an advanced solution for all the hotel’s activities, offering modules and tools for all levels of management, both for strategic and operational personnel.

The operational activities are supported mainly by the software's standard modules, together with the POS and Spa systems; whereas the built-in BI module provides tools for data analysis of all the business activities, and helps enhance the quality of executive decision. The online tracking of competitors pricing and the Revenue Management modules provide powerful tools for setting hotel pricing policies. Bellboy is easy to use due to the following main benefits:

  • "One Stop Shop" – an all-inclusive Hotel Management System with no need for third-party systems or for interfacing different software programs.

  • Technical support provided by a central entity.

  • The option to add modules in the future, according to the hotel’s readiness and changing needs.

  • Cost-effective solution due to one single system.