Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Bellboy Software Development Kit (SDK) enables the Hotel Management System to interface easily with a broad range of 3rd party applications and solutions, including: phone and switchboard systems, door locks, elevators and other proprietary software programs of various manufacturers. With Bellboy’s innovative technology, any new interface products or add-ons developed using Bellboy SDK, will be available on our online app store, for purchase by other Bellboy users.

Data regarding usage of the various Bellboy screens

To help users maximize usage of the Bellboy functionality, the system collects data pertaining to hotel usage of the various Bellboy program screens, and a summary report highlighting unused functions is sent to each hotel every 3 months. This enables all Bellboy customers to take advantage of all the system features.

Standard web requirements

Bellboy is accessible using any browser that complies with the latest standard web requirements. Regardless of the device type or OS, users can access any screen in the system, and have complete control over entering data, generating reports, BI data and more.

Standard SQL database

Bellboy uses the common Microsoft SQL server database, enabling easy access to a multitude of data, presented in a consistent format. Furthermore, all the hotel’s and chain’s data of all modules is retained in a single database, with assurance that it will be kept in the future even as technological platforms continue to evolve.