Partners & Distributors

As Bellboy expands its international operations it is seeking business partners worldwide who share our vision. If you wish to take an active role in promoting and implementing a new generation of Hotel Management System designed to meet the ever-evolving challenges of hotel management in the digital era, this opportunity is for you.

Bellboy distributors and partners are required to:

  • Promote Bellboy’s Property Management Software using relevant channels
  • Embrace a professional consultancy approach to Bellboy's prospective customers when selling its Hotel Management Software.
  • Provide technical support including installation, training and ongoing maintenance.
  • Maintain a long-term relationship and collaborative approach with Bellboy and its customers.

Qualifications for suitable distributors or business partners:

  • Professional knowledge and proven business and commercial experience in the hospitality industry.
  • Experience and business contacts in the hospitality industry including hotel owners and managers, industry thought leaders and related associations.
  • Technical software background, preferably in hotel or enterprise software.
  • Proven reputation in the software or hospitality market.
If you wish to be considered as a candidate to become our distributor or if you are interested in a partnership kindly contact us.