Bellboy PMS Software at the DG Hotel Chain in France


In April 2015 the Bellboy Property Management System was successfully installed at Eurocéan, first hotel of the DG French hotel chain. (

The Bellboy Team has received very positive feedback from the hotel management regarding the ease of use of Bellboy together with its high all-encompassing functionalities. They are very satisfied and excited about the upgrade from their previous PMS software.

Within the next year, the entire DG hotel chain (46 hotels in total currently) are planning to switch to Bellboy PMS, which will provide them with the added benefits of an integrated Central Management System.

Bellboy partners with PriceMatch to offer hoteliers a comprehensive hotel management system

Bellboy, the cloud-based Property Management System (PMS), is pleased to announce a partnership with Revenue Management System PriceMatch. With this new partnership, hotels using Bellboy, comprehensive hotel management system, will be able to access PriceMatch, a next-generation revenue management technology, directly from within their PMS.

Revenue Management Systems help hotels to monitor their demand, and maximize their RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Room) by giving them optimal price recommendations. Founded in 2012 by a team of young mathematicians and economists, PriceMatch offers the most innovative technology in the market in terms of demand forecasting and pricing.

The partnership between Bellboy and PriceMatch will allow hotels to benefit from this technology in the best conditions: direct integration in the PMS ensures a continuous and efficient flow of reservation data to the RMS module, which then takes into account external data – events, competitors prices etc. , and runs the algorithm to calculate the optimal price for every night and type of room. Once the recommendations have been approved by the hotel, pricing is then automatically updated in the PMS and directly distributed to all sales channels. .

“We are proud of integrating with Bellboy, an innovative and forward-looking company. With this integration, hoteliers working with Bellboy can receive PriceMatch recommendations, update their prices and seize revenue opportunities from wherever they are, and this directly through their cloud-based PMS. There is no doubt that the future belongs to this kind of cloud-based, integrated solutions,” declared Arthur Waller, CEO of PriceMatch.

“Our vision is to provide hoteliers a comprehensive Hotel Management System, which includes the most innovative technologies out there, of which PriceMatch is a prominent one. Bellboy includes also BI models, Review Management -monitoring and distribution, Intelligent Guest Relationship Management to increase loyalty and to conduct sophisticated Cross/Up sells and connectivity to all hardware components of a “Smart” hotel. Our solution allows the hotel to avoid adding various add-ons, from multiple vendors,” stated Moshe Matsliah, CEO of Bellboy.


About PriceMatch

PriceMatch provides an innovative and easy-to-use revenue management solution designed for both hotel managers and experienced revenue managers. Using big data and advanced econometric tools, the PriceMatch algorithm provides demand forecasts and pricing recommendations through an extremely user-friendly website. PriceMatch account managers and engineers guarantee every hotel personalized assistance to optimize their RevPAR.

For more information, visit

About Bellboy

Bellboy is a comprehensive Hotel Management System that has defined a new approach to modern day hotel management. Intended for chains with up to 100 hotels, as well as for independent hotels, Bellboy is designed as a fully integrated solution that includes advanced modules. Bellboy innovative Property Management System (PMS) faces new-age hotel challenges head on, and does it all: maximizes revenue, personalizes services and standardizes processes. For more information, visit

Revenue Management should be used in all hotels regularly as a wakeup call to profitability

Any hotelier knows that an unoccupied room is lost inventory. But does a fully-booked hotel ensure maximized revenue and RevPAR?

That of course, depends on room pricing, which at this age and times needs to be dynamic and flexible.

Hotel room has become a commodity, and reserving a room is not very different than buying a book on Amazon: Internet users base their decision to book a room on price and on users’ reviews.

While guests use the internet to compare prices, many hoteliers lag behind and use outdated pricing methods, and are not always aware of their competitors’ rates and other useful available external data.

Moreover, many Property Management Systems (PMS) in the market are not designed to integrate automatic pricing mechanisms and require lengthy manual processes that are not feasible.

Utilizing real-time competitor pricing and technology for analyzing and predicting the hotel’s Occupancy Rate, hotels should use either built-in Revenue Management module within PMS or an external one which generates daily pricing recommendations for each room type and distributed to online sales channels, travel agencies, and naturally within the PMS.

This new and powerful technology has a direct and positive impact on bottom line revenue and RevPAR and hoteliers who refuse to adopt these new technologies will lag behind.